We are celebrating the French Beef Festival for the third consecutive year in Hong Kong!

Unique French beef is raised by French herders who have unique taste and insist on professionalism, respect animals as well as natural environment. During the festival from November 11 to December 15, you can enjoy limited-time French beef dishes in 16 restaurants and participate in 5 cooking studios to learn the skills of perfect French beef dishes, or to buy French BEEF from 7 online shops, 2 retail shops to cook at home and taste the diverse flavors of 34 beef cuts!

FRENCH BEEF FIRSt quality offer!

From the ranch to the table, the best quality of French beef exudes a unique brilliance.

Experts in the beef industry have undergone rigorous training and accumulated rich experience.

Their enthusiasm and craftsmanship are an important factor in the ever-changing French beef, which makes people endless aftertaste!