Tender and flavourful, French beef is the perfect choice when it comes to making a steak, a stew or a tartare at home. To help you shop French beef in Hong Kong, here is a list of online stores, delicatessens and supermarkets with meat easily available. To get more info on why you should choose French beef, click here.

De La Valley


+852 3703 3286

The Charolais is a well-known breed of its massive size, a very tall and muscular French breed. Usually weighs over 1,000kgs and produces a relatively low fat and extremely flavoursome and tasty meat.

Originated in Charolais area surrounding Charolles, in the Eastern of France, where everything starts for De La Valley/ Bigard Charolais Beef. Cattle are born and raised on the pristine pasture, without stress plus a natural diet from the pasture and forage to provide the extra nutrition, and with a supplementary diet on cereal for 90days before slaughtering for enhancing the richness of the meat.

Mesklenn Limited


+852 6130 3135

Fresh beef meat directly from the farm imported weekly.

Monsieur CHATTÉ


Boutique address: 91 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan 

Opening hours: 11am to 9pm.

+852 3105 8077

Enjoy 10% off on a selection of Beef in our boutique and online e-commerce website www.monsieurchatte.com during the French Beef Festival promotion. For your private or corporate party, discover our catering menu and get to taste our signature recipe: the traditional Boeuf Bourguignon.

My Market


+852 2562 1382

My Market is an online supermarket that only sells French products. Between advice and recipe, it offers its customers the chance to enjoy gastronomy.

In honour of the French Beef Festival, My Market offers you 10% on a selection of its beef.

One Stop Food Supply Company


+852 3955 8089 / +852 93408422

Living to the spirit of our name, we provide our customers with convenient one-stop purchases for a wide variety of selected, high quality imported chilled/frozen meat, seafood, dairy products, dressings and condiments. 2020 French Beef Festival Special Offer: France Charolais 48 Days Dry Aged Bone-In Sirloin, Original Price HKD 110/100g, Special Price HKD 85/100g

*For both in store and online purchases

Plantin Kaviari


+852 3113 1314

Discover French beef with Plantin Kaviari’s two French Master Butchers! 

Alexandre Polmard is a worldwide famous sixth-generation butcher, specialized in beef breeding and creator of Hibernation, a unique beef preservation process. Boucheries Nivernaises, a Parisian butcher since 1954, is renowned amongst international gastronomic tables and the proud purveyor of the French President Residence… a reference when it comes to French Beef! In Hong Kong, get those two famous Houses delivered straight to your doorstep with Plantin Kaviari! Our French beef offer:

– Get 10% off your order from HKD500 French beef purchased! Applies to all items with French Beef Logo. – All orders above $2000 will receive a complimentary portion of Beef Flank Steak from Polmard Butcher (250g) for trial!

Vos bouchers préférés

Vos bouchers préférés


[email protected]

Vos Bouchers Préférés is a club of French Meat Lovers. We import twice a month chilled meat, cut and packed by French traditional butchers, directly delivered to your door from the airport to let you enjoy French products as you love them: fresh and natural. 

-10% for any order above HKD1500 during the Festival.

Crazy Bird Food


+852 2602 5052

Crazy Bird – marvellous food drive you crazy. We bring different foods from all over the world, including oysters, frozen meat, seafood and more. We would like to tell customers who can enjoy great food at home. 

Bring the special French Beef to Hong Kong people, teach them how to cook and eat. Hong Kong people usually eat U.S beef, Australia beef, Japan beef. In fact, they don’t know the French Beef. We would like to tell them, French Beef can bring a different feeling to their life.