Tender and flavourful, French beef is the perfect choice when it comes to making a steak, a stew or a tartare at home. To help you shop French beef in Hong Kong, here is a list of online stores, delicatessens and supermarkets with meat easily available. To get more info on why you should choose French beef, click here.


De La Valley


+ 852 3703 3286

De La Valley offers the unique service of delivering a wide selection of premium meats to the doorsteps of businesses and consumers.

Mesklenn Limited


+ 852 6130 3135

Fresh meat imported from France.

My Market


+852 2562 1382

My Market is an online supermarket that only sells French products. Between advice and recipe it offers its customers the chance to enjoy gastronomy.

Plantin Kaviari


+ 852 3113 1314

Plantin Kaviari delivers your favorite French products straight home! Two shipments from France a week to guarantee the best freshness.


Vos bouchers préférés

Vos bouchers préférés


[email protected]

Vos Bouchers Préférés is a club of French Meat Lovers. We import twice a month chilled meat, cut and packed by French traditional butchers, directly delivered to your door from the airport to let you enjoy French products as you love them: fresh and natural.